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Milk Bar Robbed Again

Milk Bar with Calf

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will be aware that last month, our lovely little Milk Bar was targeted by thieves!

On Easter Sunday the whole family was out at my niece’s 8th birthday party and when we came home The Milk Bar was completely empty: milk, eggs, bread, honey & potatoes all gone with some bottle smashed on the floor. Thankfully, the thieves didn’t manage to break into the Honesty Box even though they gave it a good go, leaving twice to get tools & come back!

We installed CCTV cameras in the Milk Bar after it was robbed earlier in the year, and you can see some of the footage and an interview about the ordeal with That’s Lancashire TV here.

We really want to thank everyone who has offered their support and kind words to us. The Milk Bar is there to support the local community after the floods and help anyone who might need it, so drop by and see us, we’re open and fully stocked again!