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Joylan Farms, Stanley Farm, Pinfold Land,
Sowerby Preston, Lancs PR3 0TX

UK's 1st Naturally Enriched Milk

Why Nemi Milk?

With the milk market becoming ever more competitive, we have looked to add value to our milk.

Joylan farms is the birthplace of Nemi Milk.

NEMI Stands our Naturally Enriched Milk Innovations.

Nemi Milk is Europe’s first naturally enriched milk, which is a process that is approved and monitored by Trading Standards. Nemi Milk is high in antioxidants that help the immune system to perform at optimum levels. Our milk contains 16 nutrients to facilitate a healthy immune system. Milk is one of the world’s first Superfood.

Our award winning milk, has won the Gold Award for taste and health promotion at the prestigious Nantwich Show.

Nemi Milk has been proven to help with many health benefits, please see the Nemi Website below to see the full list.

Don’t just take our word for it our Brand Ambassador Steve Leonard agrees.

“ Milk is pretty amazing and has been part of our history for as long as we as a species have existed. The first meal that every human gets is milk. Milk is excellent at rehydrating and now is a vehicle for delivering essential micronutrients to the human diet. ”

“ I have been involved with Nemi from the beginning because from the moment the concept was explained to me it’s just made so much sense. Looking after hard working cows the best way we can to enable them to look after us is what they and we deserve. Nature is extraordinary and we work with it not against it”

Steve Leonard, Director of Nemi Ltd and Veterinary Surgeon.